Below are descriptions and links to information that we feel you'll find helpful. 

Let's start from the beginning...

Want to know more about our beliefs and what we do on Sundays?

What are we about?  What do we believe?  Find out here 

We have a great Pastoral Staff here at our Church.  To read about them follow this link.

What about you?  It's not just going to church but fellowship and support from our peers as well.  We have small groups that you can join.

Have Children?  We have so many opportunities for them!

  If you have young Kindergartners or Preschoolers, we have a great place for them that serves the community from Monday to Friday!

Need something for them during non-school hours? How about Caravan - our Christian scouting program, 456ers - for kids in those grades, and Sunday school for everyone? Explore all we have to offer for children Preschool to 6th Grade here.

Looking for a teen group?  We meet often and are always connected. With Teen get-togethers and various activities throughout the year. Visit our AGNT - Avon Grove Nazarene Teens link for more information.

Want to see how we serve the community and join us in doing so?

Still Have questions that these links didn't answer?  Contact us.  We would love to hear from you!  


Avon Grove Church of the Nazarene
240 State Rd
West Grove, PA 19390
Office Phone - 610-869-9500
Avon Grove Nazarene Academy
240 State Rd.
West Grove, PA 19390
Office Phone - 610-869-9530