Important note: Tape may not be used on the gym floor for any reason!

  • Renter must be on site during the entire time of your rental.  For league rentals, renter must provide the names and contact information of coaches/other adults who will be considered contact persons during the rental time. 
  • Renter should plan to bring his/her own equipment. Renter may only use equipment in the closet marked "General Gym Equipment." The use of any other equipment will result in loss of deposit.                                                                                                               
  • Renter may request use of tables and chairs for an additional fee.  Please note that the only tables available for use in the gym are 60" ROUND tables (seat 8 people per table).  
  • If renting the facility for a party or special event, your rented time includes access to the facility 1 hour prior and 30-45 minutes after for set-up and clean-up at no additional charge.  If more time than this is needed, please plan to increase your paid rental time.
  • No children under 18 years of age may be dropped off in the parking lot OR enter the gym until the renter (or rented groupâ??s supervising adult) arrives.  It is the responsibility of the renter to communicate this to all event participants and parents. 

  • One bathroom in the Academy building will be open and available for use during rentals. Per Nazarene safety policies, a child may never be alone in any room/building with one adult. Renter MUST plan bathroom breaks accordingly, as the bathroom is located in a separate building.
  • Rental of gym does NOT include or allow access to the church building, playground, or the Academy building (with the exception of the restroom.)
  • No dyed beverages will be allowed in the gym (fruit punch, Gatorade, etc.).
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. Failure to adhere will result in loss of deposit.
    • Please note: If the AGN site coordinator is aware of any alcohol possession or consumption on the premises, he/she will call the police and/or ask you to remove the individuals involved.
  • Smoking (or use of any tobacco products), illegal drugs or weapons of any kind are not allowed at the premises.
    • Please note: If the AGN site coordinator is aware of any of the above items on the premises, he/she will call the police and/or ask you to remove the individuals involved.
  • Glass bottles, fog machines, and fireworks/explosives are not allowed at the premises.
  • Renter agrees to provide an insurance rider for events sponsored by a league, organization, church, etc.
  • If renter intends to charge admission for any reason, this must be approved prior to the event.  If planning a fundraising event, renter must discuss the details with AGN prior to the event.
  • No gambling, bingo, raffles, etc. will be allowed on the premises. Failure to adhere will result in loss of deposit.
  • If playing music during your event, we request that no music with explicit/obscene language or inappropriate sexual content be played.
  • Renter agrees not to exceed the capacity of the facility. (260 occupants)
  • Renter is not permitted to adjust heating and/or air conditioning while using the facility.
  • Renter agrees that any damage to The Nazarene Center or any AGN Facility that exceeds the amount of the deposit will be covered by the renter.  If you leave before the scheduled end time of your rental, you may be charged with any damage that occurs while the building is left unattended.
  • Renter shall be responsible for clean-up of the facility. Renter shall complete the following clean-up activities. If any of these activities are not completed, AGN reserves the right to reduce renter's deposit refund by an amount to be determined by AGN.

Clean-up requirements:

    • Pick up trash inside and outside the facility/premises and take it with you. (Please do NOT use the dumpsters on site.)
    • Sweep the facility, spot-clean floor where needed (cleaning supplies located in closet marked "cleaning supplies")
    • Clean and remove tables and chairs (if applicable)                                             
    • Check bathroom for excessive trash/mess. (AGN event staff will clean bathroom.)
    • Check for any personal belongings (AGN will donate any items left behind)



If there are any questions pertaining to our rules and regulations please feel free to contact us @ 610-869-9530

If you agree and understand our rules and regulations please proceed by clicking below.

Please Note: By Clicking below you are agreeing with the above Rules and Regulations of The Nazarene Center and you assume responsibility of  "the Renter" unless another is designated in agreement with AGN. If you do not agree you can not proceed. 



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